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Massage is the use of the hands and fingers to aid circulation and remove muscle stiffness and pain. Sports Massage Therapy combines general and deep tissue manipulation with various forms of stretching techniques to loosen up tight muscles, break up adhesions in muscle fibres and restore muscle function.

Specific effects and benefits of sports massage include:

  • accelerating healing of damaged and overworked tissue and muscles thus reducing recovery time increasing fitness and performance
  • prevention of future injury by treating any muscle weakness or problem area
  • improved recovery after injury
  • breaking down of adhesions within muscles improving suppleness and mobility
  • reduction of stiffness and swelling by clearing out waste products and toxins
  • improved flexibility of muscles and joints
  • de-stressing of tense postural muscles and improved spinal alignment
  • improved lymph and blood circulation
  • enhanced peak performance more quickly
Sports Massage Therapy