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Woody the Quarter Horse

Over the past year Angela has been invaluable in quickly assessing, and successfully treating any niggles that have arisen in my quarter horse Woody. She has helped to keep him fit and comfortable during his schooling program and made sure he has been able to perform at his best at shows. Without her professional, knowledgeable and thorough treatment I doubt we would have come home with two trophies from this year's Western Equestrian Society National Show. I don't hesitate to recommend Angela to all of my friends whether there's a problem that needs fixing or just a reassuring MOT for their horse.

Judith Hubbard BHSII (Reg)
Western Equestrian Society Approved Instructor and Judge
BHS Level 5, UKCC Level 3 Coach


Splash & Maizy

Angela helped my showjumping pony, Splash, throughout the time we had him. He always responded well to the treatments, and would always let us know when he needed to see Angela again! Angela would always follow up the treatments and talk through any exercises we were given to do with him that would help maintain his suppleness. Unfortunately Splash started to require more frequent treatments due to him falling on the landing, these episodes started to occur more often. Angela felt that there was something more to his falling that perhaps required a vets opinion. Angela was there for the consultation to offer information and support. Splash was diagnosed with 'wobblers' and arthritis in the top of the neck and lower back. we were very grateful for Angela being so genuine and honest, and for all the treatments she had successfully carried out on Splash. Unfortunately his problem could not be fixed. Angela continues to work with my new horse, Maizy, who receives regular check ups and always responds well to treatment. I would highly recommend Angela to anyone whose horse requires treatment.

Katie Adamson


Honey (2003) is a very expressive mare who is happy to 'tell' Angela where she needs her! Honey has been having regular treatments from Angela for the past 2 years after starting a ridden career later in life. She sustained an injury as a foal which left her with a large scar on her shoulder/chest and having had 2 foals herself, Honey has benefitted hugely from the treatments she has received allowing her to be fitter, softer and more supple under saddle than I ever thought possible. I would not hesitate to recommend Angela to friends for both remedial work and routine treatments that I strongly believe are of benefit to ridden horses as part of a holistic equine management program.

Kate Eldridge
MSc BSc (hons) Equine Science, BHS AI.

Ashford Cleave Equestrian Centre

Ashford Cleave Equestrian Centre and Stud

Angela has been treating many of my horses from youngsters just before they are backed, competition horses and ponies to rehab horses in for treatment and re schooling. All the horses and ponies in my care have benefited from Angela's treatment programs with great success with the most notable one being my event mare who went on to win a national dressage competition last year, after having Angela treat her 10 days before the championships for her usual tightness in her lumbar and pelvis she went on to become champion in what use to be her weakest discipline. Having Angela treat the horses has certainly made a real difference and I recommend her to all my clients.

Kim Parker
Owner of Ashford Cleave Equestrian Centre and Stud.
Kim regularly competes and teaches all levels as well as dealing with her young stock including backing and breaking youngsters. She also enjoys rehabilitating injured horses.


Last winter my horse stopped being himself both at home and competing. In the stable he started to try to bite and kick me when I groomed his back area, which was unlike his gentle and loving character. When riding his canter was choppy and disunited and he started refusing jumping. Out competing we were getting eliminated regularly which started to knock our confidence.

I had heard of Angela Moore before, she was recommended by two trustworthy sources. She worked with Sonny for a considerable amount of time to acknowledge where was painful and tender in which she found a fair few areas as well as a slightly twisted pelvis which explained his behaviours. She was very patient, gentle and cautious around him which was brilliant as he is naturally very spooky and sharp. I was over the moon that we had finally found what was wrong and it was wonderful to see Angela working so well with Sonny. She gave me exercises to work with and an appointment to see Sonny again.

Angela came to treat Sonny, regularly over the following months and I completed various exercises with him which also helped. Sonny improved dramatically over this time, his canter was a lot smoother and carried the correct leads, his jumping improved and there were fewer refusals and eliminations building our confidence.

I have now used Angela for a year, Sonny is close to being back to where we were. His muscles have developed and he is a lot stronger. He carries himself well and his canter is powerful and consistent. When Angela comes Sonny accepts the treatment and Angela works perfectly with him. We wouldn't have got back on our feet without Angela; she has helped us an incredible amount and is the first I recommend to anyone.

Maddy Edwards
Sonny Sonny

Lockthorn Labradors

Lockthorn Labradors

We have six Labrador bitches, all of which do picking-up and field trials. Our dogs need to be kept in optimum condition and fitness for training and competition.

Dido (3 years) fell into a ditch, her work attitude was reduced with some unwillingness to walk out.
Ziva (18 months) was injured when she ran into another dog while playing.

Angela treated both dogs and they are now back to full fitness. We cannot recommend Angela highly enough - she has a very good connection with our dogs.

Malu and Daniel Marx

Freya the Flyball Dog

One of our dogs hurt her back at the back end of last year. We had a physiotherapist look at her but couldn't find anything wrong although we knew she wasn't right. We do flyball with our dogs and Freya (4 years) just wasn't happy. Having had McTimoney in the past for our horses we decided to look for a local practitioner.

Angela came to see Freya and very quickly identified a problem in her back/shoulders. She gave her a treatment and then repeated it 2 weeks later. We could already see an improvement in her. Now 5 months on, Freya is fit and evenly muscled again. She started competing at flyball again at Easter and is back to her flying self. I couldn't be happier with the treatment Freya has received and will continue to use Angela's services for maintenance.

I would not hesitate to recommend Angela to anyone needing help. She has a lovely manner with the dogs and is very reliable and professional.

Jane James

Archie in 2009 Archie in 2015


When I bought Archie he was not in particularly good condition, lacked muscle coverage and was very weak across his back. Archie continually dropped one side of his pelvis and as a consequence of this over time had thrown his back and neck out making him very tight and sore in his poll.

A friend recommended Angela to me and 4 years on Archie is still receiving regular treatments to keep him on form. Angela treated his issues and showed me exercises that I could do with him in order to aid his mobility.

After treating Archie on the first occasion Angela helped to devise a treatment programme which included Archie's exercises in and out of the stable for the future. Archie is like a different horse, he is staying level and has healthy muscle coverage. Archie's way of going has improved no end and being comfortable in himself has boosted his confidence in dressage and jumping.

Routine treatments with Angela have made a huge difference to my horse and me! I would recommend her to anyone.'.

Christine Early