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When to Treat?

Horses are generally treated for both specific acute problems and as part of a well-being routine. There will be clues as to when a horse may need treatment, including:

  • intermittent stiffness in gait
  • holding tail to one side
  • always turning one way
  • stiffness in one rein compared to other
  • behavioural problems, eg: napping / bucking / rearing
  • refusal to load
  • refusal to jump
  • after a trip or fall

If your horse is competing or has a regular problems then every a treatment every 3-6 months will help to keep him fit and mobile.


No horse can be treated without permission from their regular vet. Lameness, accident or injury cases must be seen by a vet first and cannot be treated within three days of the accident or injury occurring (this is the inflammatory stage). Nor can horses suffering from any infection be treated until it has cleared.

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